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High Lifts & Cutting Hoppers

High Lifts and Cutting Hoppers eases the loading of dough from the mixer into the divider.

We manufacture High Lifts for all types of removable bowl mixers. Our High Lifts operate on a gear- drive and chain mechanism. Our standard High Lifts are able to handle weights of up to 400kg including the bowl.

Cutting Hoppers are made from Stainless Steel and is fitted above the divider with a cutting mechanism which can be motor driven is required.

Pan Coolers

Our Pan Coolers are designed to fit over the pan conveyors to cool the pans before they reach the moulder.Pan Coolers are modular and designed for each bakery’s individual requirements.
Whether you require cool air to blow onto the pans or to extract the hot air from the pans or, a combination of both we can design a pan cooling system for your application.
Pan Coolers are constructed in Mild Steel. Stainless Steel option available on request.