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Heat Transfer
Heat is transferred to the product by means of forced convection. Heat is transferred by using a circulation fan which distributes the hot air from the flame tube through air ducts. The circulation fan has the option of being connected to a frequency invertor, this allows for improved control ‘oven spring.’

This type of heat transfer system gives a more even bake with almost no "hot spots", as well as being economically efficient.

Top and Bottom Heat can be independently controlled with dampers. Each Zone is fitted with dampers.

Baking Times and Temperature
Baking Times are variable from 12 to 45 minutes, but any other timing requirements can be arranged to meet the customers’ requirements.

Baking Temperatures range from 100 °C to 400 °C.

A chain with carrier grids transports the products through the oven. This system eliminates the need for tracking as is the case when using a belt. The size of the chain varies from 12000lb to 30000lb depending on the size of the oven.

The steam section is fitted at the beginning of the oven. There is no circulation in this area. Steam will have to be supplied from a boiler. All the necessary pipes and fittings are built into the steam section.

These ovens are best suited for baking of tin/pan breads, open top breads and bread rolls.

Available in electric, gas or fuel (oil).

Ovens widths can be manufactured from 1600mm(1.6m) wide to 3500mm(3.5m), and from 5000mm(5m) in length up to 42000mm(42m) long, depending on the bakers needs and requirements.