Although M-Bake Bakery Equipment has been in existence since 2007, our chief engineer Mr Charlie Duvenage has been in the oven manufacturing industry for 40 years. Charlie began his career in the oven industry in 1971 with Spooner Industries (S.A) as workshop foreman. Ever since then Charlie has been in the baking industry. He has worked on almost many major bakery installations in South Africa. Today Charlie personally overseas manufacturing from one of our two manufacturing facilities in Boksburg.

Mr MC (Gielie) Duvenage, Charlie's son has been with Charlie since 1990 and with his team is responsible for all installations.Gielie has taken over from his dad with great success and is also heads up part of the administration duties.

Mr Muhammad Lavangee is responsible for the sales and finances of the business. Muhammad has been in the bakery business since 1992 and is passionate about baking and ensuring that clients make the correct decision in plant procurement. His background is in baking and he brings a baker’s perspective to finding the correct solution.

M-Bake Bakery Equipment was started to provide quality, economical solutions to the needs of industrial bakeries.

Since 2007 we have installed 15 travelling ovens. Prior to this Charlie has manufactured and installed hundreds of ovens, proofers, bread and biscuit plants.

We manufacture both Indirect and Forced Air Convection types of travelling ovens. We manufacture both Electric and Fuel fired (oil, diesel, paraffin and gas) ovens.

In addition to ovens, we manufacture automatic swing tray proofers, depanners, delidders, pan coolers, conveyors and bread cooling systems.

We also provide solutions for bulk handling and weighing through our partners.